About Sierra

At Sierra, we choose to apply our professional expertise in insurance brokering, in actuarial science and in airplane piloting to an industry that we are passionate about: Aviation. We are here to help you manage the risks inherent to your business.


Sierra Insurance assists people in the aviation business to fully live their passions by providing personalized solutions to manage their business risks and providing insurance products that best suit their needs.

Our Values Why Sierra
Independence and professionalism
We believe that professional ethics rely on acquired expertise and on a strong position of independence. As brokers and actuaries, we hold ourselves to the highest level of professional standards and we do not compromise on quality.
Customer intimacy and personalized service
We believe that face to face meetings are essentials to understand and adequately assess our clients’ needs and provide best in class service. We fly our planes to your home base.
We love what we do
We believe that every person has the right to live up to their full potential while earning a living doing what they are passionate about. Fueled by our passion for aviation and the great outdoors, we founded Sierra Insurance.

It all started with an insurance professional living his aviation dream

After 25 years working as an Actuary setting premium rates and underwriting rules for insurance companies, Yves Saint-Loup decided to marry his professional expertise with his passion for aviation by founding Sierra Insurance. He then pursues his quest to meet fascinating people moved by similar passions and to develop great personal relationships.

Yves Saint-Loup held various management positions with Canadian and American insurance companies before he set up AIPc Consulting Group in 2001. As a consulting actuary, he established an international client base and led business projects in over 15 countries. He built strong long term relationships with these international insurance groups, many of them offering aeronautical insurance products.

Yves obtained his pilot license and his first airplane in 2000. He now owns a Cessna 185 on wheels and a Maule M5 on floats and has flown cross country to some of our country’s greatest outposts and into the Alaskan wilderness.

He has furthered his credentials by earning a Certificate in Aviation Risk Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.